Lal Lal Estate

Lal Lal Estate is located in Ballarat, the famous "New Gold Mountain" in Victoria, Australia, and is one of the the most historic farms in Australia. Since 1840, high-quality merino breed has been created. The whole farm covers the area of 2,000 hectares surrounded by 3 natural lakes. There are 17,000 ultra-fine Merino sheep growing here. Welcome to visit and enjoy the wonderful Australian farm life!

Ranch Life

Experiences & Events

On 2,000 hectares of vast green grasslands, lakes, mountains, bird natural preserves, and streams flowing through the pasture provide an extraordinary outdoor nature experience. It is a good choice for weddings, salons, family days and private events. The century-old stables, as well as the artist residency and the soon-to-be Wool Art Education Center, are available for visitors to learn and experience. 

We are looking forward to your visit!

Responsible Wool Standard

We have been insisting on preservation of the environment, supporting biological diversity, ensuring animal welfare and sustainable regenerative agriculture for over hundreds of years. We strictly follow Responsible Wool Standard to ensure the traceability at every stage in the supply chain, to establish communication and links between the farm, the brand and the consumer.