Farm Experiences

Lal Lal Estate covers an area of around 2,000 hectares with a vast view of green lawn and forests. Lakes, mountains, Natural Resort, and streams flowing through the pasture can bring a great outdoor experience.

The main homestead is surrounded by a century Victorian garden, with Japanese cherry trees, American oaks, Monterey pines and various iris tectorum planted in the courtyard. Not far away is a tranquil and clear natural lake with bubbling springs, blossoming flowers. You can also enjoy coming into close contact with the lovely sheep, making it your perfect choice for a relaxing holiday and living close to nature.

Lal Lal Falls

Lal Lal Falls is located 10 minutes of driving from Lal Lal Estate, which is a great place for a family day out at weekends. The sparsely populated, endless green meadows are perfect for camping, picnics, and BBQ. You can also stop at the observation deck to watch the majestic waterfall pouring down to have fun in close contact with nature.



Lal Lal Estate is located in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, surrounded by many natural and cultural attractions. The perfect location and cultural atmosphere make it a paradise for outdoor activities.

Sovereign Hill

Since its natural geographic location, Lal Lal Estate is near the most popular gold rush boom town, Sovereign Hill in Melbourne. This is Australia's famous gold mining area, which attracted an influx of gold prospectors in the mid-19th century, hence the name " New Gold Mountain".


Sovereign Hill presents the real life as it was during the gold rush period. The buildings here looked incredibly authentic and the costumed actors who walked the streets or manned the stores played their parts to perfection. You can step back into the 1850s goldrush era and immerse yourself in this history at Sovereign Hill.


Grampians National Park

Grampians National Park is located in northwest of Melbourne, which is the fourth largest national park in Victoria. The park was added to the Australian National Heritage List in 2006 for its Aboriginal culture and diverse flora and fauna. It is about a two-hour drive from Lal Lal Estate, passing through several small and large towns such as Ballarat Gold Rush and Ararat.


The natural waterfalls, rolling hills and wildlife attract many people. The park has Reeds Lookout and MacKenzie Falls, where you can enjoy the natural scenery of the Victorian valley and forest, or visit the deep mountain town of Halls Gap to see the lovely wild kangaroo and bird ecology, and discover and feel the beauty of nature and ecology.

Ballarat Wildlife Park

Ballarat Wildlife Park is one of the most popular wildlife parks in Victoria, the park is rich in animal species and numbers, about 400 kinds of animals, including kangaroos, tailed bears, eagles, black swans, crocodiles, wombats, etc., and some rare animals are called "nature's miracle". Visitors can take food and feed some mild-mannered animals in the park, a scene of complete closeness between humans and nature, which will definitely bring you an unforgettable and special zoo experience!

National Wool Museum

National Wool Museum is located in the centre of Geelong, Victoria's second largest city, with beautiful beaches nearby. It showcases the wool industry throughout Australia's history, including sheep farming, shearing, wool processing and yarn manufacturing. The museum also has many exhibits on display that visitors can get in touch with and experience the outstanding quality of wool.