Artist in Residence

Since 2017, we have cooperated with Beijing Star Gallery to launch a residence program for Chinese contemporary artists on Lal Lal Estate. And in a few short years, many well-known artists have joined us, including Chen Ke, Chen Yu, Ju Ting, Lou Shenyi, Tong Tianqing, Qin Guanwei, Xu Maomao, Wen Ling, Yan Heng, Yan Yan, and Zhang Hui.


‘Lal Lal’ is the Australian word for ‘water’. The 2,000 hectares of pastureland are full of natural beauty. It is a place where aesthetics can be imagined. A heritage stable built in 1865 has been used as the space to host the following exhibitions on the farm: Back to the Pastoral, Keep Walking, Lakeside Scenery, Cooking and Kangaroo Watching, Once upon a Hill, and Would You Rather Swim from Melbourne to Tasmania or Walk Brisbane to Perth.

Lal Lal Art Gallery will launch more events, exhibitions and artist residency programs. We will promote close integration of natural pastures with liberal arts in the near future!


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