Mokanger Estate

Mokanger Estate is located in the traditional Merino sheep grazing area in western Victoria, Australia, covering an area of more than 2,000 hectares, with 18,000 superfine Merino sheep living on the farm, close to the Grampians National Park, surrounded by the famous Wannon River. Our superfine wool with superior quality produced on Mokanger is supplied to the world's top luxury brands. If you want to experience Australian lifestyle such as national forest hiking, outdoor camping, jungle treks and stargazing, welcome to Mokanger!

Responsible Wool Standard

We have been insisting on preservation of the environment, supporting biological diversity, ensuring animal welfare and sustainable regenerative agriculture for over hundreds of years. We strictly follow Responsible Wool Standard to ensure the traceability at every stage in the supply chain, to establish communication and links between the farm, the brand and the consumer.