Carbon Emission

Tianyu Wool has always been dedicated to building a more environmental-friendly and sustainable ecological chain of agriculture through carbon emission reduction targets and schemes.

Green Pastures

The ranches strictly control production energy consumption, using solar energy and other natural green energy for production grazing, and at the same time, the Merino flock is preferentially bred and cultivated to reduce the comprehensive gas emissions brought about by grazing on the natural environment. The ranches all strictly implement Responsible Wool Standard and sustainable production management.



We plan to implement a forestation project on natural pastures. The first phase of the project aims to plant 5,000 oak trees, and we have already cultivated 1,400 oak trees at Lal Lal Estate and 200 oak trees at Mawallok Estate. In the future, we will plan to plant thousands of tree seedlings on  more than 6,000 hectares of land to absorb carbon dioxide and combat the greenhouse effect. Welcome to join us!